A game about blowing yourself up made for the GMTK Jam!

Using only mouse/touch, you can create explosions on the screen, sending your character and enemies flying.

Hit an enemy from the front while boosting off your explosion to destroy them.

Destroying enemies will increase your speed.

Music not yet implemented.


  • Going too fast? Blow yourself up!
  • Time slows intentionally when setting up an explosion

Known Bugs:

  • Not sure if it's my code (most likely), a Phaser 2.6.2 issue or a problem with the builder (or some combination), but I've been having trouble resetting the game state. Seems to be something with garbage collection. The current workaround is to just reset the whole game. This may have side effects like a psychedelic colour show.
  • Physics gets stressed when going too fast and collisions may not work perfectly at high speeds.
  • There might be some edge case I haven't figured out with the ramming angle. Seems like some kill shots end up killing the player instead.

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