A PTBO Game Jam 2017 submission

Alternative web version here if you're having trouble.

Theme: Alternative Facts

Movement: ASD / Arrow Keys

Jump: Space

Dash: Left Shift / Right Click

Move Teleport Cursor: Mouse

Teleport: Left Click

Xbox 360 controller tested for OSX Windows 10, not working for web.

The crafty reporters have created a new weapon: butterfly microphone drones! You play as Kellyanne Conway, professional question avoiding ninja. Avoid the questions for as long as you can.

Feedback greatly appreciated! Or, y'know brag about your high score or something.

Install instructions

Web player self explanatory. Desktop executables should be playable after unzipping.


Windows.zip 11 MB
OSX.zip 14 MB


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I think there's an issue where the player occasionally won't blink when left mouse button is pressed. Trying to reproduce.

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Thoughts on next steps:

  • Add ZA WARUDO (for shits)
  • Add Trump: Creates temporary walls that block questions instead of teleporting on left click.
  • Allow player to win??? (unlikely to be added)
  • Make harder (likely to be added)